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At TapMember, we firmly believe that your passion is your greatest asset. That's why we provide you with easy-to-use tools to unlock your knowledge and empower you to succeed.

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TapMember makes it simple, removing barriers, not building them. Now you can focus more on your success and less on navigating complex technology.

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Launch your membership site with style and speed. Our templates aren’t just beautiful - they’re easy to use and will help you look good from day one.

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We offer more than just software; we're here to forge a partnership in your success. Our commitment is to support you and partner with you every step of the way.

Now, I could go on endlessly about all the cool things TapMember can do and why it's better than other options out there. But the real magic lies in the story behind TapMember and how it's going to change your life.


Hello there,I'm Travis, many of you know me as the co-founder and creative mind behind Kajabi. I'm thrilled you've landed on this page, and I'm eager to share with you an exciting venture I've been working on.My journey in empowering entrepreneurs began with a small idea 14 years ago, an idea that has since transformed the lives of thousands of individuals. My former company (Kajabi) became a launchpad, helping people just like you turn their knowledge into successful online businesses. Together, you've generated over $7 billion in revenue. That’s 'billion' with a 'B.' This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about the transformative power of unlocking individual potential.Those initial years were nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing individual stories unfold was both humbling and exhilarating. We saw entrepreneurs take their ideas, utilize our system, and within days, not just launch, but thrive. The impact was beyond what we had ever imagined. Every success story, every breakthrough, fueled us with an undeniable sense of purpose. It was a time of discovery — a period when we realized the true potential of empowering individuals. The magic of those moments, dreams becoming reality and the transformation of lives right before our eyes was the driving force behind everything we did.The vibrant power of individual dreams started to fade into a monochrome landscape focused on subscription numbers and impersonal data. The tools designed to liberate began to constrain. Too many features were bogging down the user and the warmth of connection that once fueled growth was overshadowed by the chill of profit.They forgot the exhilaration of launching a dream overnight. They forgot the stories that were the foundation of their success. But most critically, they forgot about YOU.I miss the thrill, the excitement, the pure joy of transforming passion into livelihood. And I am excited that we're bringing that back. It’s time to place YOU — the dreamer, the creator, the entrepreneur — at the core of every action we take.TapMember is more than just a platform, TapMember is our commitment to the individual behind the screen. It’s our pledge to listen, to support, to empower. It's not about increasing our user count; it's about amplifying the number of success stories in the world.A movement back to the essence. Back to authenticity. Back to the magic that occurs when a straightforward tool aligns with a brilliant mind. We're not here merely to offer you software. We're here to forge a partnership in your success, to support your ideas and to cheer on your online business journey.If you believe in the value of your knowledge, if you dream of turning your passion into a thriving online business, if you desire more than just a platform but a community, a movement, a family then TapMember is here for you.

Travis Rosser
Co-Founder & CEO TapMember

The Magic

The real magic is YOU. It's something our founder realized when launching his first company. Your gifts, passions, talents, even your pain – all of it is your biggest assets. At Kajabi, he discovered the power of sharing your story. When technology is easy, turning your knowledge into a thriving online business becomes effortless. Forget about features and marketing strategies; it's about you, your story, your gifts - that's where the real magic lives.

The Promise

Our promise is simple: we're dedicated to your success. We pledge to be more than just a technology platform; we're here to make it simple for you to unleash your passion and talents, transforming them into a thriving and profitable business. Inspired by the journey of our founder and the stories of countless entrepreneurs just like you, we vow to always prioritize your growth and prosperity. It's not just about making easy-to-use technology or the newest features; it's really about listening to what you need and finding ways that TapMember can make it easier for you to find success and to move forward on your entrepreneurial journey.

The Movement

We're not just building a platform; we're building a community. This isn't a one-sided conversation or a faceless corporation dictating the terms. We're in this together, side by side, in the trenches, ready to support and uplift one another. As our founding customers, you're not just users; you're partners in our shared journey. When one of us succeeds - we all succeed! Just like the saying goes, "A rising tide lifts all boats." Your success is our success, and together, we will reach new heights. Join us in this movement, where collaboration and mutual support are the keys to unlocking our collective potential.


Travis Rosser
Co-Founder & CEO


Gregory Marcilhacy
Co-Founder & CTO


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