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Hello there,I'm Travis, the co-founder of Kajabi and the creative mind behind TapMember. I'm thrilled you've landed on this page, and I'm eager to share with you an exciting venture I've been working on.As many of you know, my journey in empowering entrepreneurs began with a small idea 14 years ago, an idea that has since transformed the lives of countless individuals. My former company became a launchpad, helping people just like you turn their knowledge into successful online businesses. Together, you've generated over $7 billion in revenue. That’s 'billion' with a 'B.' Which is a testament to the achievements possible when individual potential is unleashed.In the beginning, there was Magic.
Those initial years were nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing individual stories unfold was both humbling and exhilarating. We saw entrepreneurs take their ideas, utilize our system, and within days, not just launch, but thrive. The impact was beyond what we had ever imagined. Every success story, every breakthrough, fueled us with an undeniable sense of purpose. It was a time of discovery, of real change — a period when we realized the true potential of empowering individuals. The magic of those moments, the realization of dreams, and the transformation of lives right before our eyes, was the driving force behind everything we did.
Yet, as the industry progressed, a drift occurred.
The vibrant power of individual dreams started to fade into a monochrome landscape focused on subscription numbers and impersonal data. The tools designed to liberate began to constrain. The warmth of connection that once fueled growth was overshadowed by the chill of profit.
They've forgotten the movement. they forgotten you.
They forgot the exhilaration of launching a dream overnight. They forgot the stories that were the foundation of their success. But most critically, they forgot about you.
Let's get back to the magic.
We recall the thrill, the excitement, the pure joy of transforming passion into livelihood. And we're bringing that back. It’s time to place you—the dreamer, the creator, the entrepreneur—at the core of every action we take.
That's why I'm creating TapMember.
More than just a platform, TapMember is our commitment to the individual behind the screen. It’s our pledge to listen, to support, to empower. It's not about increasing our user count; it's about amplifying the number of success stories in the world.
This Is our movement.
A movement back to the essence. Back to authenticity. Back to the magic that occurs when a straightforward tool aligns with a brilliant mind. We're not here merely to offer you software. We're here to forge a partnership in your success, to support your ideas, to cheer on your journey.
Join Us.
If you believe in the value of your knowledge, if you dream of turning your passion into a thriving online business, if you desire more than just a platform but a community, a movement, a family—TapMember is here for you.
Together, we can recreate the magic again.
Together, we can build a future where every entrepreneur has the tools, the support, and the community they need to succeed. Together, we can make history once more.

Travis Rosser

Co-Founder / CEO TapMember

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