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Hello there,I'm Travis, the co-founder of Kajabi and the creative mind behind TapMember. I'm thrilled you've landed on this page, and I'm eager to share with you an exciting venture I've been working on: TapMember.Many of you know my journey with Kajabi, a platform we launched back in 2010 that revolutionized the online content and marketing world. We were pioneers, reshaping how content is delivered, marketed, and monetized. After a hiatus from Kajabi, where I wrote my book "You, Inc." and supported other online startups, I encountered a stark realization. Even Kajabi, my own creation, has grown cumbersome and bloated, reflecting the all-in-one trend that, while comprehensive, often complicates rather than simplifies.This realization hit home when I attempted to create a membership area for "You, Inc." Using platforms like Kajabi, Mighty Networks, Skool, Circle, and even Facebook groups, I found each either too complex or too restrictive. They lacked the simplicity and flexibility I sought for content uploading, sharing expertise, monetizing, and community engagement.It dawned on me: there must be a better way. This thought brought me back to Kajabi's early days — the excitement, the purpose, the mission. It was in those moments that TapMember began to take root in my imagination. What if we could return to those roots? A platform that's easy, focused solely on delivering content, engaging with audiences, and monetizing effectively, without the clutter of unnecessary features.As you read this letter, TapMember is still in its early conceptual stage. It's an idea, a spark that needs your input to ignite. I'm writing to not only introduce this concept but to invite you to be part of its creation. By opting in, you're expressing interest in a platform designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Your input will be invaluable as we develop TapMember, and we'll be reaching out for your insights on what makes an ideal membership site.Thank you for visiting this page and for considering being part of this exciting new journey. Your support and input will be the foundation of TapMember's future.

Travis Rosser

Founder TapMember & Co-Founder of Kajabi

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No tech geniuses needed here! Our intuitive interface is designed for ease of use, ensuring that you can effortlessly navigate and build your site. With a few clicks, you're on the path to developing a vibrant and lucrative membership site. Don't let bloated technology stop you.

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